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5 Stars


My son was fortunate enough to have Garry's instruction leading into his test. He learnt more in that lesson than he had had done over the past 12 months of driving experience. Garry's patient, exceptionally professional and knowledgable approach gave our son the guidance and confidence to perform at his best for the test. Garry provided me with invaluable to ensure our son continues to drive in a safe and responsible manner. Garry also went above and beyond for us to ensure our son could attend his test today and be given the best instruction possible. This was our son's first attempt at getting his licence and I honestly give all credit to Garry for his final instruction. I highly recommend Licence Plus. Thank you so very much!

5 Stars


Driving has never been easy for me and I always thought getting a drivers licence would be a herculean task.

Garry made me a confident and safe driver in the 12 hour lessons I took with him. The expertise he has, being an Ex- Testing Officer, really helped me excel the test. He helped me prepare my nerves for the big day by conducting mock tests as well. I'm so happy I passed my driving test in my first attempt.

I would hands down recommend Garry to anyone looking for an instructor. He is a gentleman and goes the extra mile to make sure you pass the test.

5 Stars


Garry is genuinely an amazing driving instructor, who is patient and has a great way of teaching by comprehending your level of knowledge and comfort. He teaches you by breaking the rules down to minute relatable details and that is probably the reason that I passed my test first go. He has so much faith in you as a driver and makes you feel so comfortable, confident and ready for your test. You couldn’t get a better instructor than Garry!

5 Stars


I got my Red P today and all thanks to my great instructor Mr. Garry Singh. I had a very good learning experience with Garry
Garry makes learning fun and smooth with his clarity of thought and expertise. I was very confident during my test because of the thorough learning I got from classes with Garry
I recommend anyone who wants to learn driving or get a license to get in touch with Garry Singh.

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