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Driving School in Silverwater - Guidance by Experienced Ex RTA Driving Examiners

In today’s fast-paced life, everybody should know how to drive. It’s not less than a life-skill to safely operate an automobile at some point in our life. So, Choosing the right instructor as well as a right driving school near Silverwater can give you a special set of skills to drive in almost all possible situation with confidence.

At LicencePlus Driving School, we are committed to offer you safe driving lessons to produce safe drivers for life.

Whether you are new in driving or someone with basic skills needs to enhance his/her abilities- we customise learning courses accordingly. Our instructors train learners to drive safely in different road situations. Our driving school posses the latest technology to teach learners in a safe environment. We offer up-to-date course modules to deliver highly-trained and safe drivers for life.

What makes us different?

At our Driving School in Silverwater, we aim to offer the best quality training for our courses. Our lesson packages offer tailored delivery of road rules that foster to go by safe driving habits. With the step-by-step formulated programs by our experts, we assist learners in becoming confident within the shorter span.

With our Safer Drivers Course in Silverwater, you will get a focused and streamlined learning environment, where you will get both the practical and theoretical knowledge for safe driving.

Out affordable training packages make sure you get to learn things at a budgeted price that is worth valuing the skills you will learn here. As soon as your driving lesson/package/course gets completed, we provide specific training that will offer you top class driving skills. We provide both manual and automatic transmission.

Why should you enroll with us?

It is quite complicated for a new learner to receive classroom training before getting a real-life exposure with a vehicle on the road. We offer car hire for driving test in Silverwater to prove yourself knowledgeable, responsible and safe driver. Our courses will help the learners to acquire confidence and pass the driving tests right at the first attempt.

Our professionals will train you to get the driving experience under different road conditions. We make sure you will get advanced demo-driving exposure to learn safe driving skills. We work on lesson plans to develop your strength that match the learning style of individual learners.

We train and motivate each of our learners to achieve safe driving skills. Right from controlling the steering wheel to succeeding in the driving test, we make sure you score high right at the first attempt. While making competent drivers, we shape the skills to navigate through busy highways safely. We also train people to become a car driving instructor in Silverwater. We keep all the aspects of safety in mind while helping learners to drive with expertise.

What you can expect from our Silverwater Trainers:

  • We train the drivers new to driving as well as licence holders to shape their skills.
  • All of our experts at LicencePlus create lesson plans under the Advanced Driver Training Program (ADTP) in Silverwater.
  • We carry out assessment programs to test your driving skills with Mock Driving Assessment.
  • With our “Hazard and Response" approach, we train learners to learn defensive driving techniques.
  • We make learners able to identify potential hazards while driving through the road, and it makes you respond to a situation promptly.
  • Our lesson plans for learner driver help to get their license to be on the road. We plan and customise training to create safe driving habits.

LicensePlus features for an outstanding outcome:

  • Ex government driver testing officers run LicencePlus Driving School. All of them have 20 years of experience with the RTA/RMS/Service NSW. And each of the team drive per excellence with more than 100,000 driving test conducted for the NSW community.
  • Customers of all ages can enrol at LicencePlus Driving School that includes older driver assessment in Silverwater, and we make sure they can become a safer driver for life.
  • Instructors at LicencePlus are Multilingual.
  • All of our accredited professionals make sure you get comfortable experience while focusing on low- risk driving techniques. We foster not just to make you pass the driving test, but also to make you a safer driver for life.
  • We focus on employing an exact selection of training program by industry-standard driving instructors.

Highlights of our lessons:

LicencePLus is committed to offer an excellent learning environment. With the best learning packages, we always try to meet student expectations following a few key traits. The pass rate among the students registered with licencePlus has set our standard quite high.

We are fully accredited professionals, who offer driving lessons with passion, precision, and conduct P-ready Assessment Test in Silverwater that incorporate road safety standard for all of our sessions.
  • Our driving lesson offers Free Keys2drive Lesson in Silverwater. With A to Z solutions for different learners, we have appointed both the male and female instructors. We let you hire car for driving test to make sure you complete your test with utmost comfort.
  • We offer value-added packages, which becomes reasonable for discounts at a quite reasonable price. Our existing clients are more likely to get the discounted amount. Special rates are also provided as referral business that generates a vast majority of pass-outs.
  • Learning outcome from our planned courses makes near-perfect 100% score. Guaranteed pass rate at the first attempt (Condition applied.)

Instructors in Silverwater

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