LicencePlus at Parramatta

The most reputed driving school in Parramatta can train YOU to be an instructor:

LicencePlus is an award-winning driving school brand name when it comes to professional and reliable driving lessons. Backed by a core team of skilled and qualified driving instructors to guide you at every stage of practical driving lessons, we help you become a safe and confident driver within a few hours of training. Our driving lessons are advanced and our professional instructors work relentlessly to impart quality driving lessons to beginners that can help them prevent at fault collisions on the road, handle critical traffic situations, understand and follow road signs/markings as well as give you the skills for safe driving at night and in wet weather conditions.

What we provide at our driving school in Parramatta:

Leading the industry for a many years, we provide automatic and manual driving lessons that are tailored to suit your individual requirements in terms of teaching you on-road driving skills, making you understand the traffic rules as well as developing your defensive driving habits.
  • Focused and comfortable learning environment.
  • Advanced theory and practical driving lessons.
  • Latest & Well-maintained cars for driving lessons.
  • Professional and friendly driving instructors.
  • Structured driving tests Preparation packages and mock tests.
What makes us No.1 driving school in Parramatta is our budgeted driving packages that ensure you get value for money. Upon successful completion of lessons in both manual and automatic driving transmissions, you will be fully equipped with for a lifetime of safe driving.

Unique features we provide that make License Plus the No. 1 Driving School

  • Advanced and practical training to learners and help them become confident driver.
  • Timely and specific assessments of driving skills by conducting Mock Driving Assessments(MDAs).
  • Structured Training to develop defensive driving habits among learner drivers by a “situation based” and continuous Hazard and Response approach.
  • COACHING TO Build confidence and the ability to identify and respond to most complex traffic situations on the road.
  • Specific Driving Test Preparation program giving you total confidence with skills, tips and tools for securing your driving license by structured and targeted Training thus maximizing your chances of passing in your first driving test attempt.

Reasons to bank on us:

At LicensePlus Driving School, we not only teach you how to drive but inspire you to become a confident driver within a few lessons. Our professional and friendly driving instructors guide you through all stages of your Training and offer advanced demo-driving sessions that develop your strength, enhance your focus and boost your confidence. Right from developing sound steering controls to complex driving skills, we can guide you with key driving techniques that can help you pass driving test with practiced ease.

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