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When it comes to reputed and certified driving school near Epping, LicencePlus Driving School is second to none. Leading the industry for years, we have become a trusted name offering practical and advanced driving lessons to aspirants of all age groups.

Our team comprises of ex RTA/RMS/ Service NSW Driver Testing Officers who have sound industry experience and help beginners master the art of safe driving. Whether beginner of an experienced driver, our mission is to make every driver confident and aware of road safety rules and help them handle critical turns and collisions with precision.

To ensure this, we focus on imparting free keys2drive lesson in Epping and developing safe driving habits right from scratch. Our training involves passion and precision and we have bagged the highest number of successful drivers till now.

Our safer drivers course in Epping are designed to offer customised lessons to drivers of all age groups and boost confidence in “solo driving” to ensure learner drivers easily qualify for RED P’s. Our highly qualified and skilled driving instructors put their best efforts to ensure beginners pass the driving test with flying colours and impart in-depth knowledge and safe driving skills among aspirants.

Comprehensive driving solutions offered by LicencePlus Driving School

LicencePlus Driving School is a renowned name when it comes to delivering safe driving lessons to learner drivers at a competitive package. We aim to make young drivers aware of the traffic signs, road safety rules, parking skills and defensive driving techniques to ensure they remain safe behind the wheels.

Our driving lessons in Epping are designed to suit every pocket and are affordable. We impart specific driving training and foster on making drivers aware of the on-road hazards. Our highly customized step-by-step learning programs are designed to create professionally trained master drivers within a short span of time.

Being the leading driving school in Epping, we have designed a structured training program to suit unique learning style of any driver. During the training session, we help you practice driving under the guidance of certified and professional instructors on various driving routes and ensure you get benefit from our mock driving tests. This can further help you be a step closer towards securing your driving licensee. We impart driving lessons on both manual and automatic transmissions and make you confident to take charge of the steering. Once you enroll with us, our skilled driving instructors conduct the best possible training sessions on various traffic routes and road conditions to make you acquainted with road conditions.

Our aim is not only to make you aware of traffic conditions and road hazards but also make you a responsible driver. To inspire learner drivers, our professional instructors walk the extra mile to demonstrate safe driving techniques and impart training in a comfortable learning environment.

Unlike many other driving schools, LicencePlus Driving School’s instructors help you tackle various road conditions via “Advanced Demo-Driving Exposure”. You can expect fully customized, precise and detailed driving lessons as per your unique learning style and capabilities. Apart from covering the key aspects of driving, we strive to make you a par-excellence driver and hone your skills to become a car driving instructor in Epping.

Tailored driving services we provide in Epping:

  • Customised training to aspirants who are new to driving.
  • Impart driving lessons under the guidance of ADTP- Advanced Driver Training Program in Epping.
  • Implement MDAs- Mock Driving Assessments to brush up the skills of learner drivers and make them pass driving test at the first attempt.
  • Making beginners aware of the road hazards and tackling approaches which form the core of our safer drivers course in Epping.
  • Impart quality driving lessons to beginners aware of the techniques to identify on-road hazards and respond to them timely.
  • Helping new drivers overcome the fear of driving and prepare them to stay safe on the road even under adverse climatic conditions.
  • Focussing on 'go-solo' approach by designing a customised and précised driving course for young drivers and help them pass the driving test with flying colours.

Distinctive features of LicencePlus Driving School:

  • What differentiates LicencePlus Driving School from others is that it’s run by ex-government driver testing officers who have more than 20 years of experience in the industry working at RMS / RTA / Service NSW. We are proud to have a dedicated team of qualified driving instructors who have successfully conducted more than 100,000 drive tests in NSW and now offering the best driver training in NSW.
  • Our specialised 'par-excellence' training is designed for drivers of all age groups and skills around Epping but also covers Blacktown, Castle Hill, Chatswood, Hornsby and surrounding areas.
  • Our driving instructors are multilingual, which means you can have guidance with no language barriers at your own place at Epping and all other suburbs.
  • You can choose a specific driving lesson with a duration of 1hour to 4 hours depending upon your convenience.
  • Being one of the reputed driving school in Epping, our driving sessions ensure learners not only pass the driving test at the first attempt but becomes a safe and responsible driver for a lifetime.
  • Lastly, our rigorous training program and stringent selection criteria mark the standard and quality of our driving instructors and assure you of guaranteed results.


Key USP's of Driving Lessons in Epping which set us apart:

LicencePlus Driving School strives to provide you with the best quality driving lesson at the “best-value”. We conduct coaching in a comfortable learning environment that not only fulfils the expectation of aspirants but motivates a nervous driver to reach the advanced level of driving.

Some USP’s of our driving lesson in Epping include:

    • A-Z lessons for drivers of all age groups offered by competent driving instructors.
    • Other lessons include FREE keys2drive lesson, P-ready” Assessment Test, Older Driver Assessments and even  car hire for driving test in Epping.
    • Our driving instructors are certified, accredited and impart driving lessons with precision and care. We adhere to road safety rules while conducting practical driving sessions and ensure you pass the assessment with flying colours.
    • Our budgeted driving price packages fulfil the tailored needs of learner drivers and the majority of our students are now driving safely on Australian roads.

Key highlights of our lessons:

At LicencePlus Driving School, we strive to offer you the best learning environment. Being the most reputed driving school in Epping, we always endeavour to meet and exceed the driver training needs and expectations of all students enrolled with LicencePlus. The following are some of the key traits that set us apart from every other driving school:

We are fully Accredited and cater to delivery of Driving Lessons with Passion, Precision and Performance incorporating ‘Road Safety’ at the heart of all our sessions.
  • Our Driving Lessons provide an A to Z Solution for types of drivers including a team of both male & female instructors, FREE keys2drive lesson, Safer Drivers Course, Older Driver Assessments, car hire for a driving test and “P-ready” Assessment Test
  • We offer hot deals and ‘Value-added” packages which are economical due to discounts on already very reasonable prices to the eligible/repeat customers. Special rates are also provided to referral business students generated through our vast majority of LicencePlus ‘pass-outs’ who have already got their licence to drive and recommend to family or friends.
  • Excellent Pass Rate (Near Perfect 100% Score) and a First Time Pass Guarantee*(*conditions apply)

Instructors in Epping

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