LicencePlus at Burwood

LicencePlus is a certified and renowned Driving school in Burwood that is owned by Ex RTA/RMS/Service NSW Driver Tasting Officers. The testers have years of experience. Besides, the driving instructors are committed to helping the learners to become more responsible, confident as well as safe drivers. We at LicencePlus are passionate in providing effective driving lessons in Burwood to the learners, which train them from scratch to become a pro driver.

We tailored the training lessons and packages to ensure that when you hit the road solo, you achieve a high degree of confidence. Our instructors strive not just to ensure that drivers pass the driving test with flying colors in the first chance, but also, more critically, to nurture drivers with outstanding driving experience, skills and impeccable driving etiquette, demonstrating healthy and responsible driving skills.

What to expect from License Plus Driving School?

The Only driving school in Burwood that uniquely fosters is the best quality training essential for driving. Our economic driving lessons' packages include tailored delivery of road rules as well as safe driving habits, to suit your individual needs. Our experts have formulated the best, step-by-step programs, which are specifically designed to assist learners become professionally confident drivers in the shortest possible time.

Best quality training necessary for driving is the only thing that is developed by us. Our packages of economical driving lessons include customised road rules delivery as well as safe driving habits, to match your individual requirements. Our instructors have designed the best programs for the learners, which will help them to become confident drivers within a less time frame.

You can expect a concentrated and smooth learning environment for your driving lessons near Burwood at LicencePlus. The driving lessons include theory and practical driving knowledge as well as experience. Moreover, we have specialisation in the manual as well as automatic transmission. Our budget-friendly packages are delivered at a discount price which ensures maximum value for the amount you spend on your driving lesson. After completing the safer driver courses in Burwood, we assure that you gain excellent driving skills.

Why should you choose us?

Our instructors are not only for operating the driving school but also are experts who ensure that through their lessons they provide you with the best driver education possible. At LicencePlus Driving School, we not only train how to drive but offer training for the safe driving course through our professional instructors, who also act as inspiration for new drivers.

By opting for our advanced demo-driving exposure, and with the assistance of our professional instructors as a learner, you will be able to drive under all road circumstance. We assure you to develop your strength by providing customised and précised driving lessons that are designed to suit the learners.

With the help of our efficient driving instructors, you are assured of getting proper driving training that will help you to become safe drivers. We ensure, to begin with, scratch, like from learning steering wheel to success in driving test with flying colours. Moreover, our instructors believe in shaping the learners to perfect and fully competent drivers. We consider and follow all the aspects of safe driving when providing training to the learners. In addition, we provide training to the learners to become a car driving instructor in Burwood to help you become a safe driver.

At our driving school in Burwood, we provide:

  • Coaching fully inexperienced learners who are new to the driving world.
  • We have an Advanced Driver Training Program (ADTP) in Burwood, targeted at experts under our highly specialised LicensePlus.
  • Testing of driving skills by correctly simulated Mock Driving Assessments (MDAs)
  • Regular instruction of learners under Defensive Driving Techniques through “Hazard and Response” approach
  • We develop your ability to identify and respond appropriately to potentially dangerous circumstances on the road.
  • Our compassionate driving school instructors train novices and anxious drivers to be careful on the road.
  • LicensePlus provides lessons to beginners who want to obtain their license or enhance their confidence in driving on the lane. Our skilled instructors are well-trained to improve your skills for driving safely on the road.

Key learning outcomes and unique features of License Plus: 

  • LicencePlus Driving School is run by Ex Government Driver training officers who have served with the RTA / RMS / Service NSW for more than 20 years and boasts the team of excellence who have carried out driving tests for more than 100,000 for the NSW community.
  • LicencePlus driving School delivers lessons for the customers of all ages and any driving ability skill level around Blacktown, Castle Hill, Chatswood, Hornsby, Silverwater, Parramatta, Burwood, Wetherill Park, Liverpool, Bankstown, Richmond, and Penrith Service NSW Centres.
  • All our driving instructors are multilingual
  • The duration of your driving lessons can be scheduled as per your requirements starting from 60 minutes to 4 hours.
  • With the assistance of the experts of LicencePlus, you are assured to get the most comfortable driving training experience in Burwood and other suburbs in Sydney.
  • LicensePlus driving school in Sydney City and the Northshore Suburbs focuses on low-risk driving strategies to help students become more responsible drivers for a lifetime along with passing their driving test.
  • LicencePlus follows strict selection criteria and precise training program when hiring instructors, which allows them to hire only the best driving instructors.

What do our lessons include?

  • At LicensePlus Driving School, we aim to have the best learning experience for you. As Burwood's most prestigious driving school, we always aspire to meet and surpass the driver training needs and standards of all LicensePlus students. Many of the main characteristics that set us apart from every other driving school are as follows:-
  • We are completely certified and are at the core of all our sessions to offer Driving Lessons in Burwood with Zeal, Precision and Success integrating' Road Safety.'
  • Our driving lessons include an A to Z solution for driver styles including a team of male and female teachers, a Free Keys2drive Lesson, Older Driver Assessments, P-ready Assessment Test, and Safer Drivers Course in Burwood.
  • We offer hot deals and ‘Value-added” packages which are economical due to discounts on already very reasonable prices to the eligible/repeat customers. Special rates are also provided to referral business students generated through our vast majority of LicencePlus ‘pass-outs’ who have already got their licence to drive and recommend to family or friends.
  • We give our eligible / repeat customers hot offers and' Value-added' packages that are affordable because of discounts on already very fair rates. Special tariffs are also given to referral business students created by our vast majority of LicensePlus ' pass-outs' who already have their driving license and suggest it to family or friends.
  • Pass rates are excellent (Near Perfect 100% Score) and a Guaranteed pass at first chance*(*conditions apply)

So, if you are searching for one of the best driving schools near me, then we are the right place to contact. Call us at 1300002626 to book a lesson as per your convenience.

Are you still not sure?

Here are a few words from our highly satisfied customers:

"I passed my test with a 100% score with the help from Gary. He was highly professional, honest and helpful. His experience is invaluable, and I would highly recommend him! Thanks, Gary!"

"Highly recommended driving school! Monty is an excellent instructor! He's very knowledgeable and really helpful. He's strict to driving rules, but that will give you an assurance that you'll be ready for your test. I commend Monty for a job well done! Thank you so much! :)"

Key highlights of our lessons:

At LicencePlus Driving School, we strive to offer you the best learning environment. Being the most reputed driving school in Burwood, we always endeavour to meet and exceed the driver training needs and expectations of all students enrolled with LicencePlus. The following are some of the key traits that set us apart from every other driving school :

We are fully Accredited and cater to delivery of Driving Lessons with Passion, Precision and Performance incorporating ‘Road Safety’ at the heart of all our sessions.
  • Our Driving Lessons provide an A to Z Solution for types of drivers including a team of both male & female instructors, FREE keys2drive lesson, Safer Drivers Course, Older Driver Assessments, car hire for a driving test and “P-ready” Assessment Test
  • We offer hot deals and ‘Value-added” packages which are economical due to discounts on already very reasonable prices to the eligible/repeat customers. Special rates are also provided to referral business students generated through our vast majority of LicencePlus ‘pass-outs’ who have already got their licence to drive and recommend to family or friends.
  • Excellent Pass Rate (Near Perfect 100% Score) and a First Time Pass Guarantee*(*conditions apply)

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