At LicencePlus Driving School, our instructors are not only the best in the industry but also fully accredited to deliver the Commonwealth Government funded and run “Keys2Drive” program (free to the learner / supervising driver). We passionately aim at supporting and ensuring ‘Zero Harm for 6 months’ for new Red P platers (main goal of the (”keys2drive” program) thus ensuring a Lifetime of safe driving in the community!

Our “Keys2drive” instructors have the proficiency to provide this lesson. Simply provide us with FLID (Free Lesson ID) and we will arrange time and instructor to roll out the “Road Map” as well as demonstrate the strategies to both the learner and their supervising driver (presence is mandatory). 

To book your free Keys2Drive Lesson:

  1. Obtain your lesson ID here
  2. Contact us and quote your lesson ID

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