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Yes on behalf of the RMS via ADTA who is the Provider

When you make a booking you will receive a confirmation email

Most of our instructors are  professionally accredited to deliver keys2drive

Yes, We do deliver one hour lesson

We deliver services to most Victorian Suburbs

  • LicencePlus is the ONLY Driving School run by Ex RMS, RTA and Service NSW Driver Testing Officers - yes you got it! Remember the officer at the rta / rms / service nsw office, who wears that yellow vest! Takes you out and marks your drive to give you a pass / fail result! We’ve done that job for decades!! We now run licenceplus…
  • Instructor Calibre and qualifications: At licenceplus a group of ex driver testing officers have quit nsw government(driver testing officer) jobs to provide specific structured training ...For the first time! After observing over 55,000 driving tests that each one of us have conducted, we can vouch for the fact that there is a lack of proper training in our communities. We were appalled by the feedback that quite a few instructors in our community are short tempered, ill-mannered and even shout at students during their lesson delivery..Totally unacceptable! We at licenceplus select and train most suited, passionate and caring instructors so that the cream of the crop are serving our new vulnerable drivers!
  • Our Passion: Our students who have taken lessons from other instructors recently, keep confirming that they did not learn even basic concepts which are clear in the very first lesson with a licenceplus instructor! Our community needs and deserves the best possible driver education at the most affordable price! This is our passion
  • Structured Training / Lesson Delivery: We train by “a guide to the driving test” as the most effective tool and everyone should be following this booklet when they drive: the driving tests are marked on the basis of this information and if a driver meets the requirements: a) you’re a safe driver for life, b) you will pass your driving test first go As an industry failing, most instructors out there are not even mentioning about this book! Very sad and ironical… A licenceplus instructor, however, begins with “a guide to the driving test” and trains to its standards all along….
  • Our Work Ethic: We are most economical / affordable as only the required amount of lessons will be delivered - no more!! Just what’s needed for the specific traning needs of the learner! The licenceplus instructors will only give specific training to suit the learning needs and style that is tailored to be the most effective for the individual. This ensures we provide extreme value for your money and not waste it!! Our students have provided feedback that they had friends who wasted 100s of $$s with cheaper instructors, learned hardly anything and with us it works out cheap since very few lessons get them the skills, confidence and safe habits for life! Also, pass driving test first go if the learner follows exactly what we teach! Hence no wasting time and money failing again and again!
  • Goals and Mission: “Changing the face of Driver training Industry - The licencePlus Difference: The statistics on young drivers crashing in the first 6 months they get the licence to drive solo are alarming! According to australian government statistics across all states, 2 in 5 red p plates are likely to have a crash (a broad spectrum, including mirror to mirror minor ones to fatal ones!) in the first 6 to 12 months of their solo driving. Our mission: is to ensure that licenceplus trained students (end to end trained by our instructors) do not have an at fault crash- not just for the most vulnerable first 12 months of their solo driving but a lifetime of no at fault collision! A big task but we’re on to it!!
  • Google Reviews: Best reviews in the industry!! A big call yes! But true - check out for yourselves: every week there are many new google and facebook reviews …”all ***** (5 stars)” posted by our satisfied customers - both learners and their parents / supervising drivers. These are the “only” ones that are so comprehensive and almost essays!! Each reveals their licenceplus experience… how we treat our students as our own family and the care factor, the passion for safe driving for life and professionally the most effective trainers in town!!

At liceneplus even though our product ensures best possible training (top instructors who are either ex driver testing officers or trained thoroughly by testers) we only charge very affordable prices for examples in packages we can be as cheap as $55*/hour!!(conditions apply) industry standards we know has much to be desired of in terms of quality of delivery - we know that! Yet some established brands continue to charge top dollar! Why!

Very simply because we want the larger community to afford the best possible driver training at most reasonable prices. We also assist various charitable organisations and government bodies working with lower socio-economic and disadvantaged members of our communities, so that this life skill of safe driving is not just the prerogative of the rich and the elite!! All are entitled to the best driver training !!!

From customer feedbacks and experiences with the cheaper so called driving instructors and sometimes even the top dollar charging schools, we know for a fact the population is being ripped off!! Let's take an example of 100s of instructors charging say @$40/hour - 10 hours = $400 (the learner gets nothing out of it..Usually customer experience is money in the bin!) plus failing driving tests 3 times! (@ cheaper rates $150 x 3 = $450) total spent $950 licenceplus training ($59x5 = 295 structured training 5 hours package) plus driving test @ $179 total = $474 as most students will pass first go ! Based on not only the quality of our training but also the actual results on our social media and google reviews: $950 with so called cheaper instructors vs $474 with licenceplus instructors!!! A saving of $476!! In the customers pocket! Thus the cheapest best value driving school where the learner will “actually learn: licenceplus driving school

Based on our experience, keeping in mind the maximum learning of the student and optimum value for money we recommend a 2 hour lesson each session or at least 1.5 hours

Affordable Driving School’s goal is the safety of Students as well as our instructors and that is why highway training is at the Instructors’ discretion based on the students driving skills. If the instructor considers that the student is ready to go on the highway, he/she will cover highway driving and usually is done on the last lesson. Single Driving Lessons don’t qualify for highway training, unless prior lessons have been taken at Affordable Driving School.

Safety first at licence plus: therefore we use newer model and highest ancap rating vehicles:

  •  All our vehicles are fitted with dual control brakes which are installed with state of the art precision and quality. 
  •  Most of the vehicles we are training in are either brand new or newer vehicles only a few years old to ensure that they are not only the most convenient to operate but also have the latest safety features. 
  •  We use hybrid vehicles in the fleet so as to be responsible and minimise the carbon footprint on our environment

The licenceplus instructors are professional trainers and use the following methods and a combination of these as required tailored to the learning style and abilities of individual student and tailored to each learner:

  •  “a guide to the driving test” - a tool every instructor must use - in fact if this tool is not used by a car driving instructor in nsw, he or she is not delivering specific training and missing the point altogether… 
  •  Demonstration: our instructors will make an effort to demonstrate certain specific skills so that the learner can use the observation to then “copy and paste” the learning to their driving - then we practice with the learner displaying the skill thus demonstrated by the instructor.
  • Tailored practice: the licenceplus instructors don’t just make the learner drive, they focus on the weaknesses and areas of development in each learner - then do a targeted practice for maximum exposure to the conditions or skill most needed… for e.G. Lane changing may be a weakness - then the driving the learner does will be structured to practice this skill predominantly….

Comments of parents and supervising drivers: after observing their children or spouse from the rear seat (we ensure that they get a chance to see how the learner is developing… learning and the strengths and weakness, what works for them etc….) here are some of the comments - on google reviews and social media: 

  •  “highly passionate and competent instructors - focused on road safety” 
  •  “most knowledgeable and structured in the approach”
  •  “treat the learning student as their own family member and take personal interest in their learning” 
  •  “why would anyone go anywhere other than licenceplus if they want their kids to be safe on the road when they get their red ps” 
  •  “we’ve wasted our money with other instructors before taking lessons from licenceplus instructors and found the difference - chalk and cheese” 
  •  “I would gladly pay double their prices for the quality of service, dedication and in depth learning they provide my child when training with licenceplus” 

……. The list goes on as these are just some examples of the community response to licenceplus training...Especially alarming state of affairs are the facts that established brand names charging top dollars are also unable to deliver a quality driving lesson !

  1. To ensure that our community gets access to the best possible driver training at the most affordable price! 
  2. To ensure that red p platers comprehensively trained by licenceplus are the safest on our roads!
  3. To ensure that every licenceplus trained driver (who has done end to end training with licenceplus) will not have an at fault collision in their lifetime provided they always follow what the instructor has taught them!
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