Raj has had over 20 years experience as a Driver Testing Officer/ Examiner with RTA/RMS and a manager at Service NSW. Last positions were at Hornsby, Castle Hill and Blacktown Service NSW Centres respectively. Previously, while with RTA/RMS, managed many Motor Registries including Ryde, Wetherill Park, Silverwater to name a few. As a Driver tester in over 17 RTA locations in NSW, Raj has conducted over 75,000 actual driving tests over the years, including Aged Driver Assessments as well as Disability Driver Testing.

Raj has not only acquired a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Australian Road Rules and its implications on the roads but as a patient, effective communicator, has this innate ability to impart this knowledge to his students most effectively. His highly well-developed communication skills thus ensures most effective training. Raj has this unique flexible style in terms of lesson delivery, style, availability and tailoring each session to the needs of each learner.

100% Five Star Reviews on Google business pages and Facebook Raj has 1000s of completely satisfied customers. Learners and their parents are not just giving a 5 STAR rating but writing detailed experiences and strongly recommending Raj/LicencePlus over other brands / instructors when they've compared, warning other learners to not waste their time and money with other Brands.

5 Star Rating


I got my lessons with Raj Singh and he has been amazing at teaching me the nuances of safe driving! He holds expertise in his field of work. He is very patient with your learning curve and provides constructive feedback through out the whole process. I took my classes with him followed by mock tests. I feel taking mock tests were the key to calm your nerves and realising what is expecting from you as a safe driver on the road. You also get to make all the mistakes and encounter different situations before you actually go for the main driving test. If you are able to pass the mock test by Raj, then taking the driving test is just a formality! I passed my driving test in first attempt. Overall, I would highly recommend Raj and License Plus if you want to be safe on the road. As Raj says, if you are able to save even a single life on the road he has done his duty as a teacher! Cheers.

Hitesh Yadav

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