Over 20 years experience as Driver Testing Officer/ Examiner with RTA/RMS and Service NSW. A thorough knowledge of Australian Road Rules and its implications on the roads. Highly well developed communication skills ensuring most effective training. Most flexible in terms of lesson delivery, style, availability and tailoring to the needs of each learner. 100% Five Star Reviews on Google business pages and Facebook with 1000s of completely satisfied customers.

5 Star Rating


I got my Red P today and all thanks to my great instructor Mr. Garry Singh. I had a very good learning experience with Garry
Garry makes learning fun and smooth with his clarity of thought and expertise. I was very confident during my test because of the thorough learning I got from classes with Garry
I recommend anyone who wants to learn driving or get a license to get in touch with Garry Singh.

Ruchika Durani

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